Rise Above The Fallen (Demo)

by Beneath a Crimson Sky

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Ambition burns bright in his eyes
An Eternal flame fueled by, the embers of desire
To stand upon the shoulders of Gods....
Intent to transcend above the mortal realm
And aspiring to excel within a society...
Where money breeds
Power, Freedom, and Corruption
Growing deep within his soul.
Rise before me now, fallen one.
Erect your altar within the rising sun
As to bask within its glow.
Your chiseled heart now carved out from stone
Shall break away from its prison of flesh and bone
As your roots shake away the soil.
(Leave this earth behind...)
Arrogance refracts within the glint of his eye;
A parasite that feeds upon success
And manifests as the power of greed,
That slowly creeps upon convictions of the weak,
the broken and the meek,
The meal of choice for their feast.
Kneel before him now, fallen ones.
Worship his altar within the setting sun
As you bask within his glow
Watch him stand tall as an idol of gold
A holy figure, now untouchable
Out of reach of your peasant hands.
The final slivers of empathy shall now dissolve within time
As the tendrils of power gradually latch onto the crevices of his mind
Slowly suffocating the last wisps of morality within the depths of his corruption.

Out of the haze he came into the light
Beyond and above your laws
Claiming retribution, such a long awaited sight
Pray this revelation does not turn within the night...


released April 19, 2012
Music, Arrangement, Lead Guitar - Germain Delarosbil
Vocals/Vocal Melodies - Sarah Campanella
Drums, Lyrics - Olivier Neron



all rights reserved


Beneath a Crimson Sky Montréal, Québec

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